Hens Party Planning

Planing Dream Bridal Showers and Hens Parties

Every bride dreams of a glorious wedding day and a happily-ever-after marriage. But first, let’s talk Hens Parties!

Before the perfect wedding day, the day to shine, there is the final fling before the ring! Hens Parties are, of course, essential, and depending on the Brides level of commitment to celebrating, there’s the Bridal Shower, High Tea and Kitchen Tea.

Types of Hens Parties

The Bridal Shower is the pre-wedding event to invite your mum, mum in law to be, aunties and grandmother to. The maid of honour or bridesmaids organise the event in honour of the Bride To Be, it’s part of the job. At the Bridal Shower the bride is showered with gifts, advice, games are played and there is nearly always cake involved!

The Hens (or bachelorette) Party is also organised by the Bride To Be’s bitches, umm, bridesmaids. Hens Parties are not always suitable for grandmothers, aunties and mum in law to be as they can get a bit wild, they should get a bit wild!

Event Planning

Whether planning a bridal shower or hens party, it is important to always make comprehensive plans early in advance. While some may wish to make trips to lavish locations like exotic getaways or spas, others may probably opt for a simple budget event. What matters the most is that the bride-to-be and her friends create memories to last her a lifetime.

First and foremost, it is important to have a checklist so that it is easy to keep track of things. Confirm the number of guests who will be attending so you can cater for the location, food and refreshments that will be needed at the party.


Once you know how many guests are attending you can draw up a budget. The budget should include costs for food and snacks, refreshments, venues, invitation cards, transport, decorations, games and favours.

Bridal Showers on a Budget

If working on a tight budget, then it is possible find a more affordable way to go about it. Home cooked meals, snacks and refreshments can lower the food budget significantly. Save money on the venue by holding the shower at a friend’s place or a park. Thanks to technology, invitations do not have to cost an arm and a leg. You can create events on social media platforms like Facebook where invitations can be sent to friends at zero cost.

Themed Events

There are thousands of theme ideas that can make a fabulous event. Bridal showers and hens parties should have a theme that is special to the bride to be and will create awesome memories that will last a lifetime. It’s always nice to include something significant to her, say a favourite colour, her favourite flowers or her favourite music.

If, for instance, the theme is a kitchen-themed shower, then the games and activities would revolve around wifey stuff. Hens parties on the other hand are to indulge the wild side of a bride’s final moments as a bachelorette.


Hens Party decorations like banners, garlands, centrepieces, balloons and confetti will add a fun atmosphere to the party. Theme it to suit your Bride To Be!

Games and Gifts

Hens Party games are an inexpensive way of bringing fun and life to the party. For example, a set of questions about the groom for the bride just to see how well she knows her future partner, or a game of Pin the Macho on the Man. Give prizes to the winners, there are lots of fun, inexpensive items you can use as game prizes.


All in all, whether bridal showers or hens parties, it is important to plan early and take care of any eventualities while planning. Sometimes, things do not always go as planned. While keeping this in mind, it is always good practice to have an alternative plan for everything eg wet weather.

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