10 Hens Party Mistakes To Avoid

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning the Hens Party

A hen party is a girl’s best day before the wedding. It is meant to be a day full of fun and laughter and most importantly, good memories to last a lifetime. But poor planning and organization can mess up the whole day leaving everyone stressed and creating enemies out of friends. To ensure that your hens party goes smoothly, here are 10 pitfalls you should be careful to avoid.

1. Inviting the wrong people

Creating an invitation list is a big challenge. Of course you want all your friends to be there. But what if there is one friend who doesn’t get along with another? The last thing you want is a brawl during your party. You also need to consider whether you should invite your mum or the groom’s mum.

2. Lacking a theme

If you want the party to be an unforgettable one you need to create a partying environment that attendees will not forget. The best way to do this is to choose a theme for the party. It also adds to the fun of the occasion.

There are many themes you can choose from including a favourite show like Sex and the City, a time in history like the 80s or a certain fashion trend. If not a theme, then personalize the party by getting matching t-shirts or shopping bag for everyone.

3. Not having a budget

Sure, planning a hens party is very fun until you have to start crunching the numbers. The worst mistake you can do is go ahead without a budget. You need to know exactly what the party consists of (activities, drinks, foods etc.) and what each will cost. You then have to decide whether you, the bride, will caster for the whole budget or each attendee will contribute something.

Knowing that you have a solid budget and are sticking to it helps you enjoy yourself without constantly worrying that you are overspending.

4. Wrong location

The location is one of the most important aspects of a hens party. The location you choose will depend a lot on the invitees coming to your party. You cannot invite your mother-in-law to a party in a club.
In most cases, a party at home will do with good planning and organization. Other options include a club, a resort out of town or a local pub. The most important thing is to choose a place that is accessible to all invitees and where you can all bond and have fun.
You may also need to consider your budget when choosing the location.

5. Planning alone

This is your day, but this does not mean taking charge of everything from the planning to the actual party. Trying to handle all the details by yourself will just lead to stress and the party will be no fun. Also remember that the wedding is coming up; leave all the heavy planning for then.

Most brides seek the help of the maid of honour and maybe a few more close friends. Let them help you in choosing the location, activities and creating an invitees list. One advantage of seeking help is that you will get a lot of interesting ideas you can incorporate in your planning.

6. Lack of planning

The most important factor in the success of a hens party is the right planning. Good organization ensures that everyone is on the same page and that the party runs smoothly. Everyone will have fun and the day will be less stressful especially for the bride to be.

Plan everything including the venue, what activities you will do during the day, what or where you will go at night and anything else pertaining to the occasion. As mentioned, do not shoulder the planning burden on your own, ask for help.

7. Planning too many things

There is always the temptation of trying to fit numerous fun activities in one day or night. This usually ends badly. Keep it simple. If possible, do not plan for more than three activities or destinations. This allows everyone to relax and have as much fun as possible. It also helps keep the budget in check.

It is also important to be flexible during the occasion. Your friends may be having too much fun doing something; rushing to get to the next activity will mess things up. At times, unexpected circumstances may force a change. It is advisable to have a backup plan at hand.

8. Not getting some rest

A hens party is not just about hopping from one place to another. Arrange some downtime between activities where everyone can sit and relax. This is also a good time for people to eat and rehydrate. If you have planned some activities for the evening, make sure you don’t tire everyone during the day.

9. Wrong timing

Do not plan your hens party for the night before wedding. This is an outdated practice that is in reality, impractical. By morning everyone will be tired and not ready for the wedding. It should be well in advance of the wedding. This gives everyone enough time to recover and prepare adequately for the big day.

It would also be very stressful to plan for a hens party and at the same time plan for a wedding.

10. Don’t get totally trashed! You need to look after the Bride!

It is okay to enjoy a few (and possibly a few more) drinks at the party. There is not much to worry about if you are having the party at home or at a friend’s house and you have not invited any entertainers. But if you are at a club with lots of other people, be careful not to get too wasted that you do something you’ll regret.
It is always advisable to have the maid of honour or a close friend keep a close eye on you.

Finally, have a means of transport pre-planned. It can be a taxi or a limo for all the girls.

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